The NLGA mission is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the office of lieutenant governor and of state and territorial government, overall, and to foster interstate cooperation; to provide a medium for the exchange of views on subjects of importance to states and territories; and to provide education on issues and leadership training.

This is accomplished through programming at regularly convened NLGA meetings, through connecting NLGA members to national and international contacts, through cultivating research, and by championing members, news, issues, and viewpoints through NLGA media streams such as this web site, monthly member e-newsletters, social media, and articles.

NLGA gives seconds-in-command a forum to speak with one voice on issues of concern to people of all states and territories.  Policy resolutions are considered by members twice a year at the Federal-State Relations and Annual Meetings.  Resolutions passed by the NLGA membership can be found under NLGA Resolutions from 2011 – current.

Lieutenant governors are uniquely positioned as voices in the states and territories to bring awareness and education to key issues.  NLGA has partnered to design and provide turnkey programs to NLGA members to bring awareness and education to constituents on issues.

NLGA presents four annual awards recognizing members for outstanding leadership in select areas.

Strategies for growing efficiency and effectiveness also include collaborations of NLGA, including the opportunity to build networks and tap expertise in the private, union, or association sectorsNLGA also helps members build international networks within the global economy.