About NLGA

About NLGA

The National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA), organized in 1962, is the professional association for the elected officials first in line of succession to the governors in the 50 states and five U.S. territories.

The purpose of NLGA is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the office of lieutenant governor and the official second-in-command, to foster interstate cooperation, to provide a medium for the exchange of views and experiences on subjects important to the people of the states and territories, and to generally improve the efficiency of state and territorial administration.

Each state’s constitution dictates who is first in line of gubernatorial succession should a vacancy occur.  This official is the NLGA member.  In 45 states and four territories, this official holds the title lieutenant governor. In three states and one territory, this official is secretary of state. In two states, the senate president is first in line of succession.  (Note:  The TN and WV lieutenant governors are statutorily empowered to use the title Lieutenant Governor).

Lieutenant governors derive their powers and responsibilities many ways, including:  1.  From the state Constitution, and/or 2.  From the governor (thru appointment and/or executive order), and/or 3.  Thru statutory action, and/or 4.  From personal initiative.  Lieutenant governors are the only officials with specific duties and powers in both the executive and legislative branches.

About half of the NLGA members preside over the state senates.  Most pursue legislative initiatives; many testify locally and/or in Washington D.C.; some serve on the governors’ cabinets; and others maintain varied portfolios of duties.  The office of lieutenant governor is possibly the most diverse office across state governments.  Each state has the opportunity to utilize the office to most effectively impact state needs.

NLGA provides members the opportunity to meet and network with the other seconds-in-command thru three meetings a year:  the Federal-State Relations meeting each March in Washington D.C., the Annual Meeting each summer in a rotating location, and the Business Meeting each December in a rotating location.  NLGA members may lead nationally thru the adoption of policy resolutions, national leadership positions, and other opportunities.   NLGA also acts as conduit to each lieutenant governor for news and opportunities at the federal level.

NLGA offers members the opportunity to assume national leadership roles and to be recognized as leaders in fields ranging from energy and the environment to the arts.  Through international missions and NLGA’s role on IGPAC to the U.S. Trade Ambassador, NLGA members engage in international economic development and outreach from North America to Europe and Asia.  Through NLGA, members foster interstate cooperation and share best practices to the benefit of the constituents in the states and territories.  NLGA offers members ready opportunities to engage in work benefiting constituents.

NLGA seeks to promote the effectiveness of the Office of Lieutenant Governor and its inhabitants (click here for “About the Office of Lt. Governor.“) NLGA was organized under the title the National Conference of Lieutenant Governors (NCLG) and changed its name in July 2002 to the National Lieutenant Governors Association.  Read the NLGA History.  See a list of past Chairs and a list of past Annual Meeting sites.

The NLGA office, under the direction of the Officers and the Executive Committee, provides all business and administrative services, public/media relations, meeting planning, research, project initiation and support, and conducts treasury responsibilities.  The NLGA office is located in Fifth Street Center in Covington, KY, a mile from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, near the Greater Cincinnati International airport.

For more information, please contact the NLGA.  The NLGA Executive Director is Julia Brossart (click for bio).