To help grow the efficiency and effectiveness of NLGA members and the states and territories, generally, NLGA connects NLGA members growing their networks across the nation and the world.

NLGA convenes meetings three times a year.  NLGA engages in international meetings and missions to bring the opportunity for economic, political, cultural, and / or academic benefit to NLGA members and the states and territories.

The NLGA Partners Program are private sector, union, and association members who partner with NLGA.  NLGA Partners provide a network of expertise members may choose to tap and Partners provide sustaining association support.

Through the NLGA Center for State Strategies, NLGA conducts peer to peer issue and experience exchange at meetings.  The Center may also conduct State Strategy Summits on a specific policy or conduct webinars.

NLGA accepts sponsors for specific meetings, as well as other collaborative opportunities detailed on the Opportunities page.

Any request and application to become a sponsor, advertiser, or partner is subject to approval of the NLGA membership.  Acceptance of a Partner, sponsor, or advertisement does not constitute an endorsement by NLGA.  Neither Partners nor sponsors are eligible to vote in NLGA.