NLGA conducts a Federal-State Relations Meeting annually in Washington, DC, in March. Participants meet with members of congress and the administration to enhance intergovernmental relations. Topics focus on federal work which will impact states.

The Annual Meeting is hosted each Summer by a NLGA member. It is an opportunity for the member to showcase the states’ resources and unique assets. The Annual Meeting is a forum to bring NLGA members together to discuss the shared challenges and policy issues that impact state government. The meeting averages an impact of more than $316,000 to the hosting state ( 2013).

A Business Meeting is held in November or December and includes newly elected members.  The meeting focus is association business and professional training.

Only individuals or entities with a specific relationship to NLGA are eligible to attend NLGA meetings.  There is no public, general, or student registration.

NLGA may conduct State Strategy Summits which are meetings related to specific policy.  NLGA periodically conducts policy webinars.  NLGA also partners to conduct international missions in the global economy.

“Lieutenant governors, once the fifth wheel of politics, are an increasingly
significant, visible, and controversial role in state government.”
-USA Today