STEM Scholarship Successes!

From a 2022 funding recipient in Delaware:
“My students installed an aquaponic system in September. … We are currently growing basil with the assistance of three goldfish! The addition of the equipment has positively impacted my students in a multitude of ways. My students love feeding the fish every day. They have even named them after the characters on the show Golden Girls. Many of my students have expressed an interest in learning more about aquaponics and plant science. Consequently, I will be offering several new courses in fall 2023-2024- Fundamentals of Plant Science and Food Studies: Future of Food. … Moreover, I am piloting a new hydroponics and aquaponics curriculum with Green Our Planet. Thank you for providing the spark to create authentic STEM experiences for my high school students!”

From a 2022 funding recipient in Louisiana:
“The Roman Roads Project is a special one because not only will we be learning about ancient Roman roads and modern ones, but we’ll also be performing a needed service for our school. Our halls will be less crowded, and students will get more sunshine with this added outdoor walkway!”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage innovative STEM projects in our schools, and I encourage Wisconsin schools to apply,” said Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Jill Underly. “Teaching a computer applications class was part of my courseload at the beginning of my career. Seeing how much STEM education has grown since then has been inspiring, and I know providing robust STEM and computer science offerings will be critical to Wisconsin’s future success.”  (Wisconsin Press Release, OLG, April 2023)