Importance of Offc. of Lt. Governor

These articles and video interviews detail why the office of lieutenant governor is critical to a state.
2017:   “Lt. Governors’ Statutory Duties”
2015:    “Lt. Governors Impact States
2014:    “The Office of Lieutenant Governor: The Competitive Advantage”
2013:    “The Opportunity in the Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2012:    “The Office of Lieutenant Governor: A Bedrock Principle”
2011:    “The Constant Evolution of the Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2010:    “ Office of Lieutenant Governor: Unheralded but Critical Leadership
2009:   “ Executive Branch Successors and The Line of Succession ”
2008:   “Pathways and Powers: The Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2007:   “Lieutenant Governors: Quantified as Risen Leaders “
2006:   “Lieutenant Governors: Significant and Visible”
2005:   “2004 Lieutenant Governors’ Elections”
By:  The Book of the States  (published by The Council of State Governments (CSG), )