Importance of Offc. of Lt. Governor

These articles and video interviews detail why the office of lieutenant governor is critical to a state.

2023:  Discussion of When Lt. Governor is Acting Governor (Who’s governor when Lombardo’s away?)
2017:   “Lt. Governors’ Statutory Duties”
2015:    “Lt. Governors Impact States
2014:    “The Office of Lieutenant Governor: The Competitive Advantage”
2013:    “The Opportunity in the Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2012:    “The Office of Lieutenant Governor: A Bedrock Principle”
2011:    “The Constant Evolution of the Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2010:    “ Office of Lieutenant Governor: Unheralded but Critical Leadership
2009:   “ Executive Branch Successors and The Line of Succession ”
2008:   “Pathways and Powers: The Office of Lieutenant Governor”
2007:   “Lieutenant Governors: Quantified as Risen Leaders “
2006:   “Lieutenant Governors: Significant and Visible”
2005:   “2004 Lieutenant Governors’ Elections”
By:  The Book of the States  (published by The Council of State Governments (CSG), )

Governing, March 2016
Lieutenant Governors: On the Rise and Out the Door

Real Clear Politics, April 2010
A Second Look At Gubernatorial Running Mates

Fox Chicago, March 2010 (Backup pdf & Video)
Office of Lt. Governor Duties Substantial in Many States (Fox Chicago)

The National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA), January 2010
Lieutenant Governors are Pivotal Economic Development Leaders

The National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA), September 2009
“Lieutenant Governor Mania: From Fifth Wheels to Powerhouses”

USA Today, July 24, 2005
“ Lieutenants Rise in Rank