Public Leadership in Advancing Healthy Lifestyles Award Application

Public Leadership in Advancing Healthy Lifestyles Award Application 

Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA will annually present an award to honor a member of the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) who is committed to working within a state, region and/or communities as a steward of public health.  The award recognizes a public official who played key roles regarding advancing public health and healthy lifestyles.  These stewardship efforts to advancing healthy lifestyles contribute to the health and wellness of the lives of Americans and may impact multiple aspects of life in America including health care costs, wellness, work and school productivity, public health, health innovation, health knowledge, community activity and design, social problem solving, and more; and enhance the lives of constituents and impact every aspect of American life and the economy.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, please submit the following materials by email to Takeda’s CAP member, Jim Delatte at [email protected], by 8:00 p.m. EDT on the 15th day of February. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 48‐hours.

1)  Nomination Letter – This letter must contain the following information:

* Nominators name, address, email and phone contact information
* Nominees name, address, email and phone contact information

2) Maximum one page summary from the nominator (which may be one’s self) detailing the specific stewardship leadership activities engaged in by the nominated individual. Additional pages will be deleted.

3) One page biography of the nominated individual. Additional pages will be deleted.

4) At least one photograph that represents the nominee (300 dpi minimum quality for web and print use). Additional photos are optional.

Who is eligible to submit a nomination for an award?

NLGA members, their staffs, employees of Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, and other state government observers, researchers, and activists are eligible to nominate an individual. NLGA staff may NOT nominate an individual.

Who is eligible to receive an award?

Only NLGA members are eligible for the award. This is defined as the state official first in line of gubernatorial succession in every state and U.S. territory.

How will the awardee be selected?

The selection committee is comprised of individuals selected by Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA and the selection committee may not be named publicly. The committee will review nominations based on each nominee’s eligibility and the nominee’s contribution to advancing healthy lifestyles.  The winner will exhibit the benchmark of success described in the awards’ criteria.