NLGA operates programs to recognize NLGA members and to benefit the nation’s constituents.

In this growing global economy, NLGA partners to provide opportunities for lieutenant governors and NLGA members to engage in international work and missions to bring economic, political, cultural, and / or academic benefit to the states and territories.  Each March, NLGA provides opportunities for members to visit with foreign Ambassadors and key leaders in commerce, agriculture, and education from around the globe.

Lieutenant governors are uniquely positioned as voices in the states and territories to bring awareness and education to key issues.  NLGA has partnered to design and provide turnkey programs to NLGA members to bring awareness and education to constituents on issues.

NLGA is also engaged in partnerships to make annual award recognition available to NLGA members for their outstanding achievement in select areas.  Some programs are delivered through partnership with other entities.  Contact NLGA at (859) 283-1400 to explore partnership opportunities.


“Lieutenant governors, once the fifth wheel of politics, are an increasingly
significant, visible, and controversial role in state government.”
-USA Today