Press Releases

10/11/2022Why Vote ‘YES’ on Arizona Proposition 131?

To Elevate Arizona…Its Tourism, People, …more

07/21/2022Alaska Lt. Governor Kevin Meyer Receives Award for State Arts Leadership
07/20/2022Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist Receives NLGA’s 2022 Recycling Impact Award
12/02/2021Lieutenant Governors Wrap & Donate STEM Gifts for Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Youth
08/26/2021Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Awarded the 2021 NLGA Recycling Impact Award
01-01-21NLGA Op-Ed:  What Matters Most Now is What Unites Us Not What Divides Us
– We are Leaders In and From the States Moving Forward Together



11-7-18   2018 Election Totals
06-01-18  More than 25% of Sitting Governors were first NLGA Members
05-17-18 NLGA Research: In Record Year for Female Candidates, At Least 73 Women Seek Lieutenant Governor Positions *UPDATED 8/21/2018
03-15-18 Lieutenant Governor Nationally Recognized for Work in Public Health
02-02-18  Gubernatorial Successions Increased Each Decade Since 1980

10-20-17  NLGA Welcomes Associate Director Kellie Wise
07-28-17  The NLGA & Americans for the Arts Sign ‘The State Military & Veterans Arts Initiative’
05-24-17  How Often Do Seconds-in-Command Succeed to Governor – Exclusive Research
05-02-17 Statement in Support of Clarity in Gubernatorial Succession
02-14-17 Nation’s Lieutenant Governors Average Eight Statutory Duties
11-01-16 Frequently Asked Questions on the Office of Lieutenant Governor
10-03-16 As V-P Candidates Prepare to Debate, State Data on the Importance of Second-in-Command is Released
09-19-16 Sucession & the Designated Survivor 2016
08-01-16 2016 Public Leadership in the Arts Award
03-25-16 2016 Public Leadership in Advancing Healthy Lifestyles Award
03-25-16 2016 Public Leadership in Energy & Environmental Stewardship Award

09-08-15 What To Expect in the 2016 Statehouse Sessions
07-20-15 The Nation’s Lt. Governors Promote “Be The Cure” Program
04-14-15 Lt. Governors Support National Guard
04-14-15 NLGA National Guard Letter 2015
04-08-15 Lt. Governors Gain Federal Advisory Position on International Trade
03-16-15 Lt. Governors Meet In D.C. To Work On Jobs Issues
02-17-15 NLGA Press Advisory New Research on Gubernatorial Succession
02-04-15 Press Advisory NLGA Method of Election 2.4.15

11-10-14  2014 Post Election Totals
11-04-14  2014 Elections for State and Territorial Seconds-in-Command Pre-Election Data
08-21-14  Operational Committees 2014 – 15 082114
07-28-14 Lt. Governors Work Bi-Partisanly On Job Creation & Energy Availability
7-25-14    NLGA & Americans For The Arts Present Public Leadership In The Arts Award
04-29-14 NLGA Army National Guard Letter Press Release
04-29-14 NLGA National Guard Letter 

12-04-13 Lt. Governors Impact States
09-23-13 Thirty of the State’s Seconds‐in‐Command Commit to Advance NLGA Policy Work
07-12-13 Nation’s Lt. Governors to Debate Immigration, Farm Bill, Coal, & Health Care
02-25-13 NLGA Enters Economic Development Agreement With Mexico State Officials’ Association
01-21-13  NLGA Issues its 2012 Annual Report

11-27-12    Lt. Governors Meet to Bi-Partisanly Discuss Energy and Economic Development
11-02-12   NLGA Welcomes Associate Director Michael Conway
09-19-12   Lt. Governors to Advance State Opportunities in the Global Marketplace & be featured in a European Forum on the U.S. Presidential Race
09-05-12   Governors Recognize the Office of Lt. Governor & the National Lt. Governors Association
04-16-12   Lieutenant Governors: Statistics on Gubernatorial & Congressional Offices

11-09-11  Lieutenant Governors Increase Trend to Governorships
10-13-11  Lt. Governors Conduct Economic Development Mission to China
03-31-11  Advisory: Twenty Two Gubernatorial Successions 2000-2010
03-21-11  Nation’s Lieutenant Governors Gather on the Economy

12-08-10  Advisory: 2010 Election Results – Party Affiliation of NLGA Members (Map)
11-23-10   Nearly Half the Nation’s Lt. Governors to Meet For Transition
11-04-10   Advisory: 2010 Election Results – Split Party Governor/Lieutenant Governor Service & Advisory on Composition of Lieutenant Governor-Elect Class ( updated 12-14-10 )
11-04-10   Lieutenant Governors Continue Strong Trend To Governorships (updated 4-16-12)
09-30-10  NLGA Conducts Third Economic Development Mission to China
07-12-10   Lieutenant Governors Promote Economic Development thru Mexico Mission
05-04-10  NLGA Director Julia Hurst recognized nationally for success in promoting public private partnership
04-23-10   It’s Twice as Good to be Lt. Governor

11-12-09 Five Provisions Are Key To State Gubernatorial Succession Laws
Link to research paper: State Gubernatorial Successions Laws
11-03-09  NLGA Reaches 10,000 “Challenge” Participants In15 States
11-03-09  NLGA To Help Strengthen States’ Economic Ties With Mexico
09-10-09  Twenty Gubernatorial Successions This Decade Show Growing Impact of Office of Lieutenant Governor
08-20-09  NLGA Mission to China to Focus on Agricultural and Commercial Trade Opportunities
08-14-09  National Broadband Policy Must Focus on Adoption and Use
04-29-09  Impact of the Office of Lt. Governor on the Governorship Is Increasing
03-25-09  Lieutenant Governor Got More Powerful
02-03-09  Gubernatorial Succession Impacts Largest States

12-23-08  Lieutenant Governors Growing in 2009
12-17-08  Lieutenant Governors Spur 3,000 People To 1-Million Minutes Of Activity, And Going…..
08-03-08  Lt. Governors Make Historic Trip to China
06-28-08  Preserve, Conserve & Innovate: 2008 NLGA Annual Meeting
03-17-08  Lt. Governors Ascend 15 times this Decade
03-14-08  NLGA passes Regional Rotating Primary Resolution
02-28-08  Lieutenant Governors are Making Legislative History
02-08-08  National Lt. Governors Association Endorses HERO Campaign

08-03-07  2007 Annual Meeting Roundup
07-2007   Fall Back Into Health
07-27-07  Montana’s Bohlinger Wins National Arts Award
07-13-07  National Lieutenant Governors Association wins national ASAE award
03-16-07  2007 Washington D.C. Meeting Roundup

12-06-06  Office of Lt. Governor is Most Successful Springboard to Governor
08-01-06  Lieutenant Governors Commit to ‘End Cervical Cancer in Our Lifetime’
07-23-06  2006 Annual Meeting Roundup
06-28-06  One in Four Governors were once Lieutenant Governor
02-09-06  2006 Federal-State Relations Meeting Roundup