NLGA Member Duties and Priorities in 2023

Alabama Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth chairs a commission which concluded the most effective economic development incentives possible must be reauthorized before their 2023 expiration.  LINK He also wants to find the money to find the money to six-lane I-65.  LINK

California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis is re-designated the Governor’s International Affairs and Trade Development Representative.  LINK

Colorado Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera leads the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care which is implementing a public option; extending reinsurance; launching a purchasing alliance & drug affordability board; & more. LINK

Colorado Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera is advocating a law which makes it an unfair business practice for PBMs to charge employers more for a drug than what they pay pharmacies for the same drug, which requires a minimum level of community investments for high-revenue hospitals to retain nonprofit status, which increases hospital financial transparency reporting, and more. LINK

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez is a Department of Health advisor, a Statewide Council on Human Trafficking member, and she chairs the Legislative and Special Initiatives Committee, the Cybersecurity Advisory Council, and Space Florida.  LINK

Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones says his 2023 legislative priorities include lower taxes, targeting gang violence, creating a new Senate Committee to make adoption affordable, and more mental health investment.    LINK

Guam Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio says his 2023 priority is repairing and building schools and decreasing the number of repeat offenders in both the criminal and juvenile justice systems.  LINK


Hawaii Lt. Governor Sylvia Luke says work on her top priorities is already underway — expanding early learning and access to technologyLINK

Idaho Lt. Governor Scott Bedke says he will work in communities and on natural resources, water, higher education, transportation, and preside over senate.  LINK

Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch testified in committee for a mental health bill which would fund a build out of 988 and behavioral health clinic expansions.  LINK

Kentucky Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman is advocating the administration education plan which would give teachers a 5% pay raise, address teacher vacancies, fully fund universal pre-K, provide mental health services for students, and student loan forgiveness for public school teachers.  The governor will also pursue legalized medical marijuana and sports bettingLINK

Maryland Lt. Governor Aruna Miller serves as Chair of the state’s Subcabinet for Public-Private Partnerships, as well as various Councils and Commissions on behavioral health, mental health, and addiction. Lt. Governor Miller is also a Member of the Governor’s Executive Council and the Governor’s Subcabinet on International Affairs, as well as the Maryland Vaccine Equity Task Force and the Family Violence Council. LINK

Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll will Chair a new state working group to evaluate and make recommendations on the creation of an Executive Office of Housing led by a Secretary of Housing. LINK

Minnesota Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan says her priorities include education, economic opportunity, housing, caring for our earth and water, health and safety, and children and families…and doing better by the 11 sovereign tribal nations of Minnesota.  LINK

Mississippi Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann will lead the state senate in proposing a one-time tax rebate back to taxpayers. LINK

Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe chaired the Alzheimer’s State Plan Taskforce which recommends doubling Alzheimer’s respite grants; improving licensure requirements for memory care facilities; & creating a state dementia coordinator. LINK

Montana Lt. Governor Kristen Juras supports a comprehensive overview of water laws in the state as part of a “red tape relief” initiative to overhaul outdated state laws. LINK And, she and the governor have priorities of child care, tax relief, affordable housing, and regulatory reform.  LINK

With a 201-198 House party split, leaders expect balance, not controversy, to lead issue development.  New Hampshire Sen. Pres. Jeb Bradley expects lawmakers to focus on creating a budget that balances mental health, substance abuse treatment, child protection and other priorities with the need to keep business taxes low.  LINK

New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales is scheduled to be Acting Governor as the 2023 session starts.  Administration priorities include obtaining free school meals for all K-12 students, creating a new state health care authority, addressing affordable housing, opioid addiction, and obtaining funding to pay for educators’ health care premiumsLINK and LINK

New York Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado chairs the Statewide Regional Economic Development Councils.  LINK Lt. Gov. Delgado will also chair the state’s Hate and Bias Prevention Unit, overseeing the work of 10 regional councils. LINK

North Dakota Lt. Governor Tammy Miller is senate president and chairs the Capitol Grounds Planning Commission, the state Trade Office, the Task Force for Military Issues, the Northern Plains Unmanned Systems Authority, the State Investment Board, the State Board of Equalization and the Early Childhood Council.  LINK

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted says the administration will work in 2023 to increase the talent produced by the state colleges and universities, and further develop economic and workforce development projects announced in 2022. LINK And, he says the proposed state budget includes $2.5-billion for shovel ready projects for business with a goal to bring a job within driving distance of every resident.  LINK

Oregon Sec. of State Shemia Fagan testified in House committee for $2-Million over 2 years to hire staff dedicated to election security, including election complaint investigators and employees to combat misinformation. LINK
Secretary Fagan announced the 2023 “Protect Our Democracy” Agenda, calling for additional investment in free and fair elections, expanding access, election security, campaign finance reforms, and updates to election laws. LINK

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Austin Davis chairs the Commission on Crime and Delinquency to support the work of law enforcement, drive investment into communities left behind, and to promote anti-violence initiatives and youth programming. LINK

Rhode Island Lt. Governor Sabina Matos says her priorities include affordable housing, broadband and tourismLINK

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick prioritized law enforcement funding, mental health access and the nursing workforce for rural Texas in the next legislative session.   LINK

USVI Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach says the administration’s 2023 priorities include developing more stable and reliable energy, addressing limited options for interisland or regional travel, and addressing workforce and educational gaps.  LINK

The budget of the governor and Utah Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson prioritizes affordable housing, water conservation, and compensation for teachers and state employees.  LINK

Washington Lt. Governor Denny Heck is advocating for more housing via enactment of zoning & permitting reforms, condo liability reform, & an increase in public sector investment in affordable housing & housing stability programs. LINK

West Virginia Lt. Governor Craig Blair says various legislators are studying the possibility of splitting the state Department of Health and Human Resources into three separate state agencies with three cabinet secretaries. LINK