State Strategies In Rural Affairs and Agriculture

NLGA is publishing State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members and NLGA Partners from September 2020 – February 2021.  These were published in September of 2020.

Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, IowaLt. Governor Gregg Empowers Rural Iowa Communities

  • Rural set-asides in tax credit and grant programs, and eased regulations for projects
  • Targeted broadband incentives for higher speeds and underserved areas
  • Investing in rural leadership development
National Association of Home Builders“Soaring Lumber Costs Have Added $16,000 to the Price of a New Home”

  • Spur agricultural jobs by calling for/incentivizing increased lumber production
  • Improve rural housing affordability by asking for the prioritization of a softwood lumber agreement with Canada
Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton, IllinoisEducate On & Highlight Agricultural Producers

  • Ensure and advocate for ag education for all young people, in all states
  • Highlight farmers, producers, specialty growers, and businesses
  • Rural, young people need access to post-secondary education and broadband
Abbott NutritionMalnutrition as a Social Determinant of Health

  • Malnutrition is a determinant of health, especially for older adults and minorities
  • Malnourished patients have longer hospital stays, higher costs and mortality.
  • Educate patients on the importance of talking nutrition with doctors.
Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, IndianaA Report: State Strategies for Rural Recovery Post-COVID

  • Universities, state agencies, the lieutenant governor and more work together.
  • Keeping people housed in rural areas is essential.
  • Broadband is essential to rural agribusiness, education, and health.
Pew Charitable TrustsState Broadband Programs: Who Runs Them & What Are They Doing?

  • One-third of states have broadband goals in an agency; others in task forces
  • Improving broadband includes engaging stakeholders, managing reliable data, executing plans, and administering grants
Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers, KansasThe Office of Rural Prosperity

  • Lt. Governor leads Office of Rural Prosperity and conducted a listening tour of 130 meetings in 44 towns
  • Conducting first housing study in decades for targeted investments
  • Kansas Certified Sites Program tells developers when the state deems a site ideal for investment and growth
No Kid HungrySummer SNAP for Children: A Tool to Feed Hungry Kids in Rural Communities

  • Maryland provides an additional $30 per summer month and $10 in December for each child in households receiving SNAP benefits, directly to existing EBT cards.
  • The model taps existing food supply chains and generates additional revenue for food retailers and local economies while providing nutritional assistance.
Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, LouisianaCrawfish Etouffee never tasted so good

  • Louisiana produces about 90% of the nation’s commercial crawfish.
  • These come from 120,000 acres of ponds on at least 120,000 farms.
  • Many crawfish ponds are also cultivated to produce rice the same year.
Americans for the ArtsThe Rebuilding Power of The Arts in Rural Communities

  • Rural arts draw nonlocal audiences at greater rates than urban (31% vs 19%).
  • Innovation companies in rural counties rises proportionately with local arts.
  • Residents of arts-rich rural communities earn higher incomes.
ADMADM Innovation

  • In unlocking nature to enrich the quality of life:
  • ADM feed optimizes shrimp growth by 10% and reduces mortality by 40%;
  • Developed FDME, a building-block for sustainable plastics.