State Strategies In Health

NLGA is publishing State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members and NLGA Partners from September 2020 – January 2021.  State Strategies in Health was published in October of 2020 and January of 2021.

January 2021

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez, Florida

Highlights 2020 Successes as an Advisor to Florida’s Department of Health
·         Appears in English & Spanish promoting COVID info & health screenings
·         Asked residents fully recovered from COVID to donate their plasma
·         Chaired the Re-Open Florida Task Force Executive Committee
The Pew Charitable Trusts10 Years of Data Show Dental Therapists Boost Productivity and Revenues
·         Dental therapists provide preventive and routine restorative care
·         These midlevel providers maximize resources and expand workforce.
·         State OK of dental therapy may increase oral health care to underserved areas
Alzheimer’s AssociationCDC, Alzheimer’s Association Release New Action Brief on Dementia Caregiving
·         16-M Americans provide unpaid care for dementia patients valued at $244-B
·         To support this, states may establish a respite care infrastructure and increase and align services & Medicaid to enable people with dementia to remain at home.
Americans for the ArtsStrengthening Mental Health with The Arts
·         1/3 to ½ of Americans are reporting anxiety or depression, 3X the previous year
·         Arts are proven effective in reducing anxiety and increasing satisfaction—improving both quality of care and the financial bottom line, for all incl military
Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera, ColoradoImproving Health Care for all Coloradans
·         Her Offc of eHealth Innovation disrupts the status quo
·         In 2-yrs, reduced health ins cost for individuals in private market by 20.2%
·         Offc of Saving People Money on Health Care coordinates 10 state agencies
Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, MichiganAddressing Racial Health Disparities & Rolling Out Vaccines
·         LG chairs the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities
·         Implementing policies saw percent of Black Michiganders’ COVID deaths drop from 40% in the spring to just 5.7% in early Fall.
Novo NordiskThe Disproportionate Impact of Obesity on Racial & Ethnic Minorities
·         Multiple factors cause obesity to disproportionately impact minorities
·         Access to the full continuum of obesity care – intensive behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, and bariatric surgery – is essential to obesity management
CAQHA Way to Preserve Scarce Medicaid Resources During COVID & Beyond
·         CAQH’s nonprofit ‘COB Smart’ is a unique coordination of benefits solution where >45 health plans contribute eligibility data to a registry then shared w/ commercial and govt participating plans, to identify medical overlaps before claims are paid with 99.5% accuracy. One plan reported an 80:1 return on investment.
American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)Accident Prevention:  Safer Roads, Work Zones, and School Routes
·         Safe routes to schools include pavement markings, bike lanes, more
·         Work zone safety improves w innovation like incl work zone safety in driver’s ed
·         Guardrail, pavement markings, traffic signs and signals makes roads safer
GoogleHelping Governments Promote Factual Information About COVID-19
·         Google is helping governments offer accurate information on COVID-19 to constituents by offering government entities free search ad credit for use through the end of 2021, as well as a volunteer account manager from Google



Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, Louisiana

Outdoor Recreation Helps Mental & Physical Health
·         By Aug 2020, LA State Parks had 48% more visitors than the previous year.
·         The state offered stay 3 nights, get a 4th night free.
·         Parks added hand sani; gave out State Parks masks; & sanitized 2ce daily.
The Alzheimer’s AssociationCDC Awards Grants to States to Build a Health Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s
·         14 states got CDC funds to grow health capacity for Alzheimer’s.
·         CO, GA, HI, IA, ME, MN, MS, NV, NC, OK, RI, VT, VA, & WI got grants.
·         NLGA’s Alzheimer’s rep can help you with this or the next round of grants.
Americans for the ArtsStrengthening Healthcare Systems thru the Arts
·         When arts are part of the healthcare experience, the result is shorter hospital stays, less depression, and less medication which equal reduced costs.
·         This can be poster art in the room, craft carts, musicians, or much more.
AlkermesAwareness & Screening – First Steps to Address Alcohol Use Disorder
·         AUD is a chronic brain disorder characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite consequences.
·         FDA-approved MAT for alcohol dependence w/ therapy can aid recovery.
Lt. Governor Tim Griffin, ArkansasAn Innovative & Comprehensive Reorganization of the State’s Human Services
·         To improve efficiency & effectiveness, do extensive outreach within the dept.
·         Integrated human services delivery is holistic & ensures coordination.
·         Consider consolidating physical county offices for 1-stop services
Lt. Governor Josh Green, HawaiiHousing is Healthcare
·         HI’n homeless have higher rates of mental illness & addiction & shorter lives.
·         Housing HI’s chronically homeless would save $300-M/yr in Medicaid savings.
·         Solutions include tiny homes, 1-stop PPP health care, treat mental illness
Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, DelawareBeing a Resource to Vulnerable Communities is One Key to Health Improvement
·         LG hosts bi-weekly calls for Black, Latino, non-English speaker & faith leaders
·         Focus on joint accountability among the state & health, community, & business communities and the general population
Consumer Healthcare Products AssociationSafe OTC Medicine Use, Storage, & Disposal
·         Self-care products have $146-B value to the U.S. healthcare system by helping reduce unnecessary doctor visits, increase work productivity, & more
·         Visit to find the closest local drug collection bin
American College of CardiologyTelehealth and the Public Health Emergency
·         Support continued robust use of telehealth by supporting greater uniformity in state licensing and ensure appropriate reimbursement for access and sustainability.
Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, MarylandAddressing the Opioid Epidemic and Mental and Behavioral Health Services
·         Increase qualified professionals thru reciprocity standards
·         Update the “emergency facility” definition to allow evaluations beyond ERs
·         Combating opioids incls. inter-agency coordination & more resources.
AbbottGood Nutrition is an Important State Strategy for Healthy Aging
·         Establish malnutrition public health goals and quality measures
·         Ensure quality malnutrition care is included in preventive and social services, patient safety, care transitions, and population health strategies for older adults.
AnthemWhole Person Care Improves Quality & Outcomes in Medicaid
·         Studies show integrating mental health (MH) and substance use disorders (SUD) services into the physical health services of Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) improves outcomes.
BiogenImpacts of Climate Actions on Human Health
·         Help under-resourced healthcare clinics identify & address climate risks, such as extreme heat, to improve patient health
·         Model the impacts of climate actions on human health, specifically brain health
SandozImproving Health System Sustainability with BioSimilars
·         Biologics are complex treatments made from living organisms, such as bacteria or yeast—which treat diseases like cancer or chronic disease.
·         Biosimilar filgrastim saved the US healthcare system about $1.2-B 2016 -2020