State Strategies In Education & Workforce Perspectives

NLGA publishes State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members as part of the work of NLGA State Strategy Committees

* Lt. Governor Brian Calley, Michigan – “MI Hidden Talent Tour Promotes Hiring People With Disabilities

* Lt. Governor Mark A. Hutchison, Nevada – “Putting Our Children First

* Lt. Governor Dan McKee, Rhode Island – “Make Great Education a Right in RI

* Lt. Governor Tim Griffin, Arkansas – “Tackling Education: Governor’s Council on Common Core Review

* Lt. Governor Dan McKee, Rhode Island – “State Strategies in Education: We Need More Public School Choice, Not Less

* Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, Utah – “Improved Education Through Innovation and Evidence Based Practices

* Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, Oklahoma – “School Security: The Oklahoma Commission on School Security

* Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Missouri – “Ferguson: The one reform that’s needed most

* Lt. Governor Angela McLean, Montana – “Montana: Supporting Tribal Colleges-An Investment

* Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa: “Achieving Global Competitiveness through STEM

* Lt. Governor Joseph A. Garcia, Colorado: “The Education Divide That Threatens Our Economy