State Strategies In Workforce, Education and Technology

NLGA is publishing State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members and NLGA Partners from September 2020 – February 2021.  These were published in November of 2020.

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, GeorgiaAdvancing Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast
·  Advancing Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast
·  LG created GA Innovates Task Force & Partnership for Inclusive Innovation
·  These promote K-12 digital readiness, tech access, entrepreneurship, more
National Association of HomebuildersFocus on & Invest in the Residential Construction Workforce
·  In COVID economic recovery, re job loss, focus on the residential construction workforce training for well-paying jobs in an in-demand industry
·  Govt investment in this workforce provides the required specialized skills
Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth, AlabamaAL Leads the Way in Workforce, Education, & Technological Development
·  LG created the Comm’sn on a 21st Century Workforce & developed “Alabama Workforce Development – Accelerating the Transformation to Excellence
·  Promoting dual enrollment, $25-M for equipment at schools, more
IAAPA, the global attractions industryThe Attractions Industry & Summer Work Travel Program
·  The attractions industry uses foreign exchange students from a US State Dept program to fill PT, seasonal jobs that would go unfilled while providing future international changemakers with an immersive US experience
Lt. Governor Kate Marshall, NevadaThe Places We’ll Go: Equity in Transportation
·  The Campus Commuter turned 2-hour student transportation into 30-mins
·  Commuter aims to increase post-secondary participation and close the achievement gap for diverse populations
AnthemVirtual Health Care Use Among Medicare Adv Members During the Pandemic
·  Virtual health services Mar-May 2020 was 136x greater than the 2019 number
·  Gauge consumers’ and providers’ willingness and ability to adopt virtual care
·  Overcome obstacles to virtual care / increase telehealth availability and access
AlkermesEnhancing Telemedicine to Improve Patient Access and Healthcare Delivery
·  Telemedicine & telepsychiatry address mental health & substance abuse disorders
·  States should ensure pt choice, max access & quality, & invest in infrastructure
Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman, KentuckyEnsuring Everyone has a Seat at the Table
·  Put a current teacher – ex-officio – on the State Bd. of Education
·  Joined 19 other states in putting a student on the State Bd. of Education
·  Recruiting a more diverse teaching workforce, increasing # of teachers of color
Alzheimer’s AssociationPolicy Statement to Strengthen the Dementia Care Workforce
·  More than 5-M Americans are living with dementia, to rise to 14-M by 2050
·  States should require 1) competency-based dementia training for caregivers & 2) training of adult protective services & law enforcement to recognize dementia
Lt. Governor Howie Morales, New MexicoNew Early Childhood Education and Care Department will lift NM’s children
·  NM is just the 4th state with a cabinet level agency of this type
·  The structure will consolidate efforts and give children a ‘seat at the table’
·  Creation of the department is a testament to grassroots advocacy
Public Affairs CouncilTo Succeed Long Term, Continue Investing in Digital Communications
·  Make virtual meetings with your internal and external stakeholders stand out with a polished, pro display thru lighting, framing, and sound
·  Make your message clear, concise, and use visuals
Americans for the ArtsStrengthening Education & the Workforce Through the Arts
·  Students engaged in arts get better grades, higher standardized test scores, +
·  Business leaders rank “creativity” among the top 5 skills they seek (Conf Bd)
·  Turn STEM into STEAM – integrate arts into STEM
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)Support American Innovation by Enhancing Workforce Programs
·  Employers tell MEMA the #1 job shortage is hourly skilled workers
·  Manufacturers say workforce programs should train workers in high-speed video cams, advanced robotics, precision assembly, Internet tech, & software
No Kid HungryA Simple Tool to Address Chronic Absenteeism
·  Breakfast After the Bell (BAB) serves breakfast in school at innovative times
·  BAB can be grab and go, later in the morning, or in the classroom
·  BAB improves chronic absenteeism
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)STEM Learning Incorporated into K-12 Recycling Education Program
·  ISRI has a hands-on K-12 recycling education curriculum for STEM learning
·  Used in New York by 100+ teachers and thousands of students, and more
·   Curriculum is free to schools; teacher training is often covered by scholarships