State Strategies In Workforce, Education and Technology

NLGA is publishing State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members and NLGA Partners from September 2020 – February 2021.  These were published in November of 2020.

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, GeorgiaAdvancing Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast

  • Advancing Georgia as the Technology Capital of the East Coast
  • Lt. Governor created Georgia Innovates Task Force & Partnership for Inclusive Innovation
  • These promote K-12 digital readiness, tech access, entrepreneurship, more
National Association of Home BuildersFocus on & Invest in the Residential Construction Workforce

  • In COVID economic recovery, when tackling job loss, focus on the residential construction workforce training for well-paying jobs in an in-demand industry
  • Government investment in this workforce provides the required specialized skills
Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth, AlabamaAL Leads the Way in Workforce, Education, & Technological Development

IAAPA – The Global Association for the Attractions IndustryThe Attractions Industry & Summer Work Travel Program

  • The attractions industry uses foreign exchange students from a U.S. State Department program to fill part-time, seasonal jobs that would go unfilled while providing future international changemakers with an immersive US experience
Lt. Governor Kate Marshall, NevadaThe Places We’ll Go: Equity in Transportation

  • The Campus Commuter turned 2-hour student transportation into 30 minutes
  • Commuter aims to increase post-secondary participation and close the achievement gap for diverse populations
AnthemVirtual Health Care Use Among Medicare Adv Members During the Pandemic

  • Virtual health services March-May 2020 was 136 times greater than the 2019 number
  • Gauge consumers’ and providers’ willingness and ability to adopt virtual care
  • Overcome obstacles to virtual care, and increase telehealth availability and access
AlkermesEnhancing Telemedicine to Improve Patient Access and Healthcare Delivery

  • Telemedicine and telepsychiatry address mental health and substance abuse disorders
  • States should ensure pt choice, maximize access and quality, and invest in infrastructure
Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman, KentuckyEnsuring Everyone has a Seat at the Table

  • Put a current teacher – ex-officio – on the State Board of Education
  • Joined 19 other states in putting a student on the State Board of Education
  • Recruiting a more diverse teaching workforce, increasing the number of teachers of color
Alzheimer’s AssociationPolicy Statement to Strengthen the Dementia Care Workforce

  • More than 5 million Americans are living with dementia, to rise to 14 million by 2050
  • States should require 1) competency-based dementia training for caregivers, and 2) training of adult protective services and law enforcement to recognize dementia
Lt. Governor Howie Morales, New MexicoNew Early Childhood Education and Care Department will lift NM’s children

  • New Mexico is just the fourth state with a cabinet level agency of this type
  • The structure will consolidate efforts and give children a ‘seat at the table’
  • Creation of the department is a testament to grassroots advocacy
Public Affairs CouncilTo Succeed Long Term, Continue Investing in Digital Communications

  • Make virtual meetings with your internal and external stakeholders stand out with a polished, pro display through lighting, framing, and sound
  • Make your message clear, concise, and use visuals
Americans for the ArtsStrengthening Education & the Workforce Through the Arts

  • Students engaged in arts get better grades, higher standardized test scores, and more
  • Business leaders rank “creativity” among the top 5 skills they seek
  • Turn STEM into STEAM – integrate arts into STEM
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)Support American Innovation by Enhancing Workforce Programs

  • Employers tell MEMA the #1 job shortage is hourly skilled workers
  • Manufacturers say workforce programs should train workers in high-speed video cams, advanced robotics, precision assembly, Internet tech, and software
No Kid HungryA Simple Tool to Address Chronic Absenteeism

  • Breakfast After the Bell (BAB) serves breakfast in school at innovative times
  • BAB can be grab and go, later in the morning, or in the classroom
  • BAB improves chronic absenteeism
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)STEM Learning Incorporated into K-12 Recycling Education Program

  • ISRI has a hands-on K-12 recycling education curriculum for STEM learning
  • Used in New York by 100+ teachers and thousands of students, and more
  • Curriculum is free to schools; teacher training is often covered by scholarships