State Strategies In Building, Supplying, and Maintaining Communities

NLGA is publishing State Strategy Perspectives from NLGA members and NLGA Partners from September 2020 – February 2021.  State Strategies in Building, Supplying, and Maintaining Communities published in December, 2020.

Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, New JerseyDept. of Community Affairs:  Strengthening Local Governments
·         The LG is Commissioner of the Dept of Community Affairs (DCA)
·         DCA gives grants to local governments with fire, building safety, housing, +
·         DCA gave COVID funds to communities to support small businesses
Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, OklahomaPromote State Tourism to Support Communities
·         Create/promote a tourism trail highlighting assets/history in your state
·         Generate dollars to small and locally owned businesses
·         I’m making the case for the Great American Road Trip on Route 66!
SourcewellEnsuring Successful Government Procurement
·         Sourcewell offers its cooperative purchasing to units of government for free
·         Sourcewell serves 35,000 communities and schools across the country
·         Helped purchase unforeseen pandemic essentials in compliance w/ rules
Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, LouisianaVolunteers Maintain & Grow Communities
·         LAns volunteer >129-M hours per yr w/ a economic impact of $2.8-B.
·         Recognize volunteers in your state thru your own recognition programs.
·         Recognize volunteers in specific populations: Veterans Service, Over 60 +
Public Affairs
How Businesses and Government Can Grow Public Trust
·         Government leaders can close the opinion and trust gaps with people in communities by embracing the “Three Ts” of crisis communication and developing messages that are Targeted, Timely, and Transparent.
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)Recycling is Essential to Communities: Jobs & Stewardship
·         Recycling represents $110-B in economic activity
·         Recycling employs >164,000 Am’ns in jobs w/ an avg $73,000 in compensation
·         Recycling generates $13-B billion in federal, state and local tax revenue
Lt. Governor Pamela Evette, South CarolinaGrab a Bag & Keep Communities Beautiful
·         Litter adversely impacts environment, economic activity, property values, more.
·         Litter pickup costs business $9.1-B/yr & education institutions $241-M
·         Litter pickup improves the economy, property value, the env, & more
American Traffic Safety Services AssociationTraffic Safety Services Workers Build Safer Communities
·         Traffic Safety Services build safer communities on roadways thru guardrail, pavement markings, traffic signs and signals, and more.
·         Safe Routes to Schools focuses on signage, crosswalks, bicycle lanes, more.
Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton, IllinoisR3 Grants for Communities Harmed by Violence, Excessive Incarceration, & Economic Disinvestment
·         Restore, Reinvest & Renew (R3) uses 25% of cannabis tax revenue (legal for adults >21) for grants ($30-M in cycle 1) for violence prevention, youth, reentry, eco devo & legal aid in select communities.  See
IAAPA (The Global Attractions Industry Association)Sustainability Practices in the Attractions Industry
·         Attractions model audience shaping behavior via sustainable practices
·         Attractions practice water conservation, waste reduction, & LEED design
·         Sustainability is a way of living and doing business molding generations
Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, CaliforniaOffice of CA Lt. Governor Unites All Higher Education Communities
·         Law unites all higher ed communities by making CA OLG as the only member of every governing board overseeing California’s public higher education system
·         Sits on CA Community Colleges Bd, Univ of CA Regents & CA State Univ Bd