Current NLGA Resolutions

Each Resolution will sunset after three years, at the dates listed below.

Consensus Resolutions Adopted at the 2023 Federal-State Relations Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the 2026 Spring Meeting

Resolution to be Proactive in Meeting the Transformative, Historic Aging of Society Starting in 2030
Resolution Supporting Sustainable Scrap Tire Management
Resolution In Support of Efficiency and Innovation in Government Procurement with Cooperative Purchasing

Effective December 1, 2022, NLGA instituted a new Consensus Resolutions Process, replacing the process for the Policy Resolutions listed below.

Resolutions Adopted at the 2022 Annual Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the 2025 Annual Meeting

Resolution Continuing The NLGA Improving Lives and Communities Award
Resolution Establishing the NLGA Government Innovators Award
Resolution Recognizing March as National Procurement Month
Resolution In Support of The Use of the Title and Office of “Lieutenant Governor” In Gubernatorial Succession Law
Resolution Recognizing The Last Day of February as Rare Disease Day
Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Sustainable Cold Chain Solutions
Resolution Supporting the Use of Opioid Abatement Funds
Resolution Supporting Access to Mental Health Medications
Resolution In Support of Making Permanent the Waiver Changes Allowing Respiratory Care Therapists to Continue to Receive Virtual Respiratory Care Services

Resolutions Adopted at the 2022 Federal-State Relations Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the 2025 Federal-State Relations Meeting

Resolution Supporting Tire Safety Awareness
Resolution In Support of the Creative Economy and In Continuing the NLGA Public Leadership in the Arts Award
Resolution to Support Adoption of the Interstate Counseling Compact
Resolution In Support of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education As A Pillar of Work at the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) and Establishing the NLGA Center for State Strategies in STEM
Resolution on the Importance of America’s Inland Waterway System for a Healthy National Economy
Resolution Recognizing National Work Zone Awareness Week
Resolution On The Importance of Beautification and Anti-Littering Efforts in the States and Territories
Resolution In Support of President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot
Resolution On the Importance of Addressing Financial Toxicity
Resolution Promoting Health Care Workforce Development Initiatives
Resolution On Tribal Nations and Broadband Access

Resolutions Adopted at the 2021 Annual Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the NLGA 2024 Annual Meeting

Resolution To Set a Sunset Clause of Three Years On All NLGA Policy Resolutions
Resolution In Support Of Increasing Adolescent Immunization Rates
Resolution Continuing the NLGA Recycling Impact Award
Resolution On The Importance Of Addressing Obesity As a Public Health Crisis
Resolution Promoting Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Resolution in Support of Reauthorizing the Abandoned Mine Land Program and Allocating Federal Funds to States in the Eastern United States for Reclamation of Abandoned and Forfeited Mine Lands
Resolution Recognizing March As Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing Awareness Month
Resolution Encouraging the Use of “Sound Science” In Evaluating Crop Protection Biotechnology and Nutrients
Resolution Supporting Health Equity and Access to Healthcare with Affordable Treatment Options
Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Our Nation’s Home Building Industry and the Need for Fair Pricing of Building Materials

Resolutions Adopted at the 2021 Federal-State Relations Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the NLGA 2024 Federal-State Relations Meeting

Resolution in Support of Awareness and Importance of Oral Health Care
Resolution Regarding Trade and International Investment
Summary of resolution
Resolution Supporting Increased Awareness and Screening, First Steps Toward Addressing Alcohol Use Disorder
Summary document 1
Summary document 2
Summary document 3
Resolution Recognizing March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Summary document
Resolution Supporting America Recycles Day and the United States Environmental Protection Agency National Recycling Strategy
Resolution Proclaiming March 28 as Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Day
Resolution to Increase Access to Mental and Behavioral Healthcare

Resolutions Adopted at the at 2020 Annual Meeting
Resolutions will sunset at the NLGA 2023 Annual Meeting
*Note: Resolutions proposed for vote at the canceled NLGA 2020 Federal-State Relations Meeting were carried over for a vote at the 2020 virtual Annual Meeting

Resolution in Support of Addressing Older Adult Malnutrition as Part of Quality Healthcare
Resolution Recognizing the Need to Streamline Healthcare Business Through Administrative Simplification
Resolution to Reduce Barriers and Improve Access to Healthcare Through Telehealth
Resolution on the Importance of Sustaining Telehealth Services Beyond COVID-19
Resolution in Support of Ovarian Cancer Disease and Awareness
Resolution in Support of Educating the Public on Available Alzheimer’s Resources
Resolution In Support of Meningococcal Disease Awareness
Resolution on the Importance of Farm to Fork Essential Workers
Resolution on The Importance of Agriculture to America and the Importance of World Markets to Agriculture
Resolution Raising Awareness To Address Food Insecurity & Hunger
Resolution Recognizing That Policymakers Can Help Foster a Housing-Led Economic Recovery
Resolution in Support of the Creative Economy as a Vehicle for Economic Recovery
Resolution Recognizing the Economic Importance of Outdoor Recreation
Resolution in Support of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Collaborations Driving Innovation and the U.S. Economy
Resolution In Support of Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions to Improve Driver Safety and Support Economic Growth
Resolution Recognizing The Importance of the 2020 Census and Encouraging Participation Towards a Complete Count
Resolution In Support of Cooperative Purchasing In State Government
Resolution in Recognition of National Arts & Humanities Month
Resolution in Support of Robust Broadband Internet Availability, Adoption, and Use Programs