Consensus Resolutions Steps

“I want to submit a Consensus Resolution for consideration by NLGA Members (lieutenant governors, seconds-in-command)  – what’s next?”

  • NLGA Members and Partners can submit Consensus Resolutions throughout the year to NLGA Deputy Director Kellie Rittershausen at [email protected]. Draft resolutions must be received by NLGA staff no later than 45 days before the next NLGA Meeting. Check for the next deadline.
  • NLGA Members may submit no more than four resolutions per meeting and NLGA Partners may submit no more than two resolutions per meeting.
  • NLGA staff review all proposed Consensus Resolutions according to the approved criteria. If all criteria is met, the Resolution will be placed on the Docket for the next meeting.
  • The Consensus Resolutions Docket will be posted on the NLGA website no later than 30 days in advance of the next meeting. Proposed Consensus Resolutions cannot be amended.
  • To remove a Consensus Resolution from the Docket, a minimum of three NLGA Members (lieutenant governors, seconds-in-command) must communicate to NLGA an objection. The ideal time to cast an objection would be in the 30 days leading up to a meeting, but NLGA Members may also voice an objection to a Consensus Resolution at the meeting. NLGA Members may object to a proposed Consensus Resolution for any reason.
  • A Resolution receiving at least three NLGA Member objections will be immediately removed from the docket and is considered tabled.
  • At the meeting, the NLGA Chair-Elect will Chair the Consensus Resolutions hearing. Each Resolution will be called by title, with the Chair-Elect providing a status update on any objection(s) received before the meeting. NLGA Members can also voice objections during the hearing.
  • At any point that a proposed resolution receives three NLGA Member objections, it is removed from the Docket.
  • At the conclusion of the hearing, all resolutions not removed from the Docket proceed to a vote of Members attending. Resolutions may not be amended. Proposed resolutions receiving a simple majority of those present and voting are considered adopted.
  • At the Docket hearing, and for 60 days post-approval, NLGA Members may request to be added to any Consensus Resolutions as a Co-Sponsor to signal support for the Resolution.
  • Upon final approval, all NLGA Consensus Resolutions will be published on NLGA letterhead and added to the NLGA website immediately following the meeting.