NLGA Consensus Resolutions

NLGA Consensus Resolutions are statements of consensus on various topics, policy areas, and items for recognition by NLGA Members related to state and/or territorial government. Proposed Consensus Resolutions are reviewed and voted on by NLGA Members (lieutenant governors, seconds-in-command) at each meeting.  Adopted Consensus Resolutions sunset after three years.

Consensus Resolutions are non-controversial, cover a single issue, and are nonpartisan. The Consensus Resolutions process is similar in nature to the Consent Calendar process in most state legislatures.

Proposed Consensus Resolutions are accepted year round and are sent directly to the NLGA Director and/or Deputy Director.  To be placed on a docket for consideration by NLGA Members at a meeting, a proposed Consensus Resolution must meet specific criteria through review by NLGA staff.  See the Consensus Resolution Criteria HERE.

NLGA Members can submit up to four Consensus Resolutions per meeting, and NLGA Partners can submit up to two Consensus Resolutions per meeting.  These must be submitted for the required NLGA staff review no later than the deadline published on each meeting page.