Policy Resolutions


1) Resolution in Support of Addressing Older Adult Malnutrition as Part of Quality Healthcare

2) Resolution Recognizing the Need to Streamline Healthcare Business Through Administrative Simplification

3) Resolution to Reduce Barriers and Improve Access to Healthcare Through Telehealth

4) Resolution on the Importance of Sustaining Telehealth Services Beyond COVID-19

5) Resolution in Support of Ovarian Cancer Disease and Awareness

6) Resolution in Support of Educating the Public on Available Alzheimer’s Resources

7) Resolution In Support of Meningococcal Disease Awareness

8) Resolution on the Importance of Farm to Fork Essential Workers

9) Resolution on The Importance of Agriculture to America and the Importance of World Markets to Agriculture

10) Resolution Raising Awareness to Address Food Insecurity & Hunger

11) Resolution Recognizing That Policymakers Can Help Foster a Housing-Led Economic Recovery 

12) Resolution in Support of the Creative Economy as a Vehicle for Economic Recovery

13) Resolution Recognizing the Economic Importance of Outdoor Recreation

14) Resolution in Support of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Collaborations Driving Innovation and the U.S. Economy

15) Resolution In Support of Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions to Improve Driver Safety and Support Economic Growth

16) Resolution Recognizing The Importance of the 2020 Census and Encouraging Participation Towards a Complete Count

17) Resolution In Support of Cooperative Purchasing In State Government

18) Resolution in Recognition of National Arts & Humanities Month  

19) Resolution in Support of Robust Broadband Internet Availability, Adoption, and Use Programs

Resolutions TABLED for future consideration:

20) Resolution on the Importance of Biosimilar Medicines for Preventing, Treating, and Curing Diseases, and Saving Costs in State Government