Consensus Resolutions

NLGA Members will consider the following Consensus Resolutions at the 2024 NLGA Annual Meeting.  NLGA Members (lt. governors, seconds-in-command) and NLGA Partners may submit proposed Consensus Resolutions, meeting the NLGA consensus criteria, to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than June 17, 2024.  
NLGA Members may object to any Resolution being consensus at any time between now and the hearing at the Annual Meeting, by emailing [email protected] and [email protected].  Three Member objections will immediately table a resolution.  Contact NLGA with any questions. 


  1. NLGA Consensus Resolution Promoting Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  2. NLGA Consensus Resolution Continuing the NLGA Recycling Impact Award
  3. NLGA Consensus Resolution To Set a Sunset Clause of Three Years On All NLGA Consensus Resolutions
  4. NLGA Consensus Resolution on the Importance of Awareness and Education on Type 1 Diabetes
  5. NLGA Consensus Resolution Regarding Credit for Prior Learning
  6. NLGA Consensus Resolution to Consider Policies Helping Maintain Access to Affordable Medicines