NLGA Consensus Resolutions Docket

FINAL Consensus Resolutions Docket
NLGA Members will consider the following Consensus Resolutions at the 2023 NLGA Federal-State Relations Meeting.

NLGA Members (Lt. Gov., Sen. Pres, or Sec. of State) may object to any resolution being consensus.  To object, a NLGA Member may contact NLGA’s [email protected] any time and object.  Members may also object on site.  Three objections remove the resolution from the docket for this meeting.

  1. Resolution to be Proactive in Meeting the Transformative, Historic Aging of Society Starting in 2030
  2. Resolution Supporting Sustainable Scrap Tire Management
  3. Resolution In Support of Efficiency and Innovation in Government Procurement with Cooperative Purchasing
    Proposed Consensus Resolutions may be submitted now until June 30, 2023, for consideration at the August meeting.