“Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Lieutenant Governors To Host Peers”

Lt. Governors Husted, Coleman, & Crouch Welcome National Lieutenant Governors Association Meeting in December 2021


Greater Cincinnati Tri-State – The lieutenant governors of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana will welcome the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) for a meeting, December 1-3, 2021, in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area.  The meeting convenes lieutenant governors and seconds-in-command from across the country to discuss policy ideas, initiatives, and best practices among the states.

“This event will be a great opportunity for state leaders from around the country to see all that the Greater Cincinnati area has to offer,” said Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “I’m looking forward to welcoming fellow lieutenant governors to the Tri-State area to discuss the issues that matter most to those we serve.”

“Indiana also broke a record for tourism in 2019 and tourism had a nearly $14 billion positive impact on the state,” said Indiana Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch.  “Indiana is actively welcoming both familiar faces and first-time visitors to get back to our pre-pandemic 80 million visitors a year.  As head of State Tourism Development, I am proud to contribute to that work by welcoming my peers to the area.”

“Nearly every lieutenant governor who attends this meeting will fly into Kentucky, home of the Northern Kentucky – Greater Cincinnati International Airport,” said Kentucky Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman.  “Kentucky’s borders are within a one-day truck drive of more than 65% of the nation’s population making Kentucky, arguably, the air logistics epicenter of the U.S.  I am proud my peers will see the DHL, Amazon, and other operations happening at the Greater Cincinnati airport.”

“NLGA meetings are nonpartisan and promote innovative ideas for shared challenges which is critical for state leaders as states emerge from the global pandemic and seek to regain their economic and educational footing,” said NLGA Director Julia Brossart.

“Lt. Governor Husted is a national leader in workforce and innovation, Lt. Governor Coleman – a former classroom teacher – is a leader in education, and Lt. Governor Crouch is driving model work on broadband advancement,” said Brossart.  “The meeting will focus on workforce, education, transportation, broadband, and innovation, all key items as states work on post-pandemic recovery.”

“NLGA is a platform for us to come together as leaders, in a bi-partisan way, to drive thoughtful and informative discussions,” said NLGA Executive Committee member Lt. Governor Coleman.

“I look forward to our usual collaborative exchange of ideas and I encourage my peers and friends to spend one afternoon 20-minutes outside of Cincinnati, in Indiana, enjoying our lakes, parks, gaming, or eateries – or stay the weekend,” said Lt. Governor Crouch.

“Cincinnati is a leader in innovation and forward-thinking collaboratives, and I know other lieutenant governors will enjoy visiting and learning from the Queen City,” said Lt. Governor Husted.

NLGA was founded in 1962 and the NLGA office is housed in Northern Kentucky.  This is the first time in NLGA’s history that three lieutenant governors have come together to host in a tri-state area.