Policy Resolutions

NLGA policy resolutions are a powerful tool for NLGA Members to speak with one voice on issues of concern to people of all states and territories. NLGA Members may file (a) policy resolution(s) for consideration of passage by all peers attending the 2021 NLGA Annual Meeting.

Policy resolutions must be filed by July 27, 2021, and have an NLGA Member co-sponsor of each party (bipartisan). To file the resolution, send it to NLGA Associate Director Kellie Rittershausen, [email protected], and it will be posted here.

All NLGA Members attending the Annual Meeting are asked to review the filed resolutions between July 29 – August 12, 2021, and make NLGA staff aware of any requests to amend. All amendments must have bipartisan co-sponsorship.  At least one co-sponsor of each resolution must be present in the Resolutions Committee session at the Annual Meeting for consideration.  All resolutions which pass the Resolutions Committee on August 25, 2021, are voted for final passage on August 27, 2021.

Contact Kellie Rittershausen, [email protected], with any questions about the policy resolutions process.

Filed Policy Resolutions for Consideration at the 2021 NLGA Annual Meeting