Policy Resolutions

NLGA policy resolutions are a powerful tool for NLGA Members to speak with one voice on issues of concern to people of all states and territories. NLGA Members may file (a) policy resolution(s) for consideration of passage by all peers attending the 2021 NLGA Annual Meeting.

Policy resolutions must have an NLGA Member co-sponsor of each party (bipartisan). To file the resolution, it had to be sent by July 27, 2021, to NLGA Associate Director Kellie Rittershausen, [email protected]  Policy resolutions approved by NLGA are below. NLGA Members can sign on to co-sponsor any policy resolutions – email [email protected] by October 1, 2021. 

Contact Kellie Rittershausen, [email protected], with any questions about the policy resolutions process.


  1. Resolution To Set a Sunset Clause of Three Years On All NLGA Policy Resolutions
  2. Resolution In Support Of Increasing Adolescent Immunization Rates
  3. Resolution Continuing the NLGA Recycling Impact Award
  4. Resolution On The Importance Of Addressing Obesity As a Public Health Crisis
  5. Resolution Promoting Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  6. Resolution in Support of Reauthorizing the Abandoned Mine Land Program and Allocating Federal Funds to States in the Eastern United States for Reclamation of Abandoned and Forfeited Mine Lands
  7. Resolution Recognizing March As Precision Medicine and Biomarker Testing Awareness Month
  8. Resolution Encouraging the Use of “Sound Science” In Evaluating Crop Protection Biotechnology and Nutrients
  9. Resolution Supporting Health Equity and Access to Healthcare with Affordable Treatment Options
  10. Resolution Recognizing the Importance of Our Nation’s Home Building Industry and the Need for Fair Pricing of Building Materials