2020 Federal-State Relations Meeting

The National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) Federal-State Relations Meeting March 25- 27, 2020, in D.C. is CANCELLED.  State and territorial circumstances, specifically declared states of emergency and state employee government travel bans, shifted substantially in the past 24-hours.  The office of lieutenant governor and gubernatorial successor – uniquely – exist to ensure, promote, and support operations of their governments and engagement with constituents.  These officials are at the forefront of leadership in their states and localities and this necessitates their availability in state and territory.


  1. CANCEL HOTEL ROOMS.  If you have a hotel room reservation, contact the hotel asap at 202-862-1600 and CANCEL.  You should receive no cancellation fee for cancelling any time prior to 72-hours before arrival.
  2. CANCEL your own travel. 
  3. FILED RESOLUTIONS WILL CARRY OVER TO THE ANNUAL MEETING.  All filed NLGA policy resolutions will be carried over to the NLGA Annual Meeting in July.

We hope to see you all at the Annual Meeting in Seattle July 29- 31, 2020.  Visit the meeting planning here: See You In Seattle!