NLGA Members’ In-State Priorities Thru 2019

NLGA maintains this exclusive list of NLGA member priorities thru 2019, and a roster of all members with the inaugural dates of new elects.

NLGA Member Roster

ALABAMA: Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth will preside over the Senate, and spoke on the importance of education, job creation, and ethics in government. LINK.

ALASKA: Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer says one of his roles will be advocating for the governor’s agenda in the Legislature, in addition to overseeing elections. Lt. Gov. Meyer has also been giving approval authority on a law under review that would allow on-site consumption of marijuana at a limited amount of retail stores. LINK. LINK. Lt. Gov. Meyer signed an extradition request to the governor of Maine for a murder suspect.  Extradition duties were assigned to Lt. Gov. Meyer in December under Alaska’s Uniform Criminal Extradition Act, Stat. 12.70. LINK.

ARIZONA:  Sec. of State Katie Hobbs says she’ll create a cybersecurity task force, repair relationships with county recorders, and oppose additional restrictions on the right to vote.  LINK.

ARKANSAS:  Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin says he hopes to begin to reorganize the state’s 42 Cabinet level agencies in 2019.  LINK.

CALIFORNIA: Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis will serve as a University of California regent, a California State University trustee, and preside over the California Commission for Economic Development. She will also Chair the first-ever all-female State Lands Commission which has oversight of public lands and resources. Lt. Gov. Kounalakis has vowed to block any attempts to expand offshore oil drilling, and will work to expand access to public universities. LINK. Lt. Gov. Kounalakis is now the Governor’s International Affairs and Trade Development Representative chairing the International Affairs and Trade Development Interagency Committee created by Executive Order N-08-19.  LINK.

CONNECTICUT: Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz says her priorities are budget, health care, energy sustainability, pay equity. Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz will serve as the Chair of the Council on Women and Girls. LINK. LINK.

GEORGIA: Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan says he wants to cut bureaucratic red tape for teachers so they can focus on teaching, including testing that may be a distraction in schools. LINK.

IDAHO: Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin presides over the senate, and serves as the Governor’s appointment officer, vetting candidates for boards, commissions, and councils. As a small business owner, Lt. Gov. McGeachin hopes to strengthen the business climate in Idaho through education and career preparation, as well as focus on the distribution and preservation of natural resources. LINK. The Governor has appointed Lt. Gov. McGeachin to oversee an efficiency commission aimed at decreasing overhead and increasing efficiency in state government. LINK. 

ILLINOIS: By Executive Order, Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton heads the Justice, Equity and Opportunity (JEO) Initiative.  LINK

INDIANA: Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch presides over the state senate, as well as serves as the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, chairs the Indiana Counter Terrorism and Security Council and oversees five state agencies.

KANSAS: Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers will lead the Office of Rural Prosperity developing rural priorities and making sure state policy and investments are aligned with rural needs.  LINK.

MAINE:  Sen. Pres. Troy Jackson says first legislative bill would require insurance companies to cover essential health benefits and patients with pre-existing conditions.  Rural broadband also a priority.  LINK.  LINK.

MARYLAND:  Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford will chair the Maryland Opportunity Zone Leadership Task Force.  He also chairs the Heroin Task Force, the Two Generation Commission, and the Regulatory Reform Commission.  LINK.

MINNESOTA: Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan will focus on public engagement, family economic security, and legislative relationships. LINK.

MISSOURI: Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe used his experience as a businessman, state commission member, and state senator for eight years, to support a legislative proposal to increase pay for state employees in 2019. LINK.

NEBRASKA: Lt. Gov. Mike Foley, who presides over the only unicameral legislature in the United States, spoke out against a legislative proposal to legalize medical cannabis. LINK. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Sen. Pres. Donna Soucy indicates education funding, moving the state psychiatric unit out of the state prison, and paid family leave are among likely 2019 legislative issues.  LINK.

NEW MEXICO:  Lt. Gov. Howie Morales will serve as temporary Public Education Secretary, preside over Senate, more.  LINK.

NEW YORK:  Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul pushes to lengthen the statute of limitations on reporting child abuse and is chair of the Child Care Availability Task Force  LINK.

NEVADA: Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall will advocate for a state-backed retirement savings program for residents. LINK.

OHIO:  Lt. Gov. Jon Husted will direct the new Cabinet-level InnovateOhio office, which includes deploying technology to make state government more efficient, and will also take charge of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Common Sense Initiative (regulatory reform). LINK.

OKLAHOMA: Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell will serve as secretary for Tourism and Branding, saying tourism is the third-largest industry in the state. Lt. Gov. Pinnell will also serve as an adviser to a committee over the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, focusing on small business and the 117 different Opportunity Zones across the state. LINK.

PENNSYLVANIA: Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will hold listening sessions in all 67 Pennsylvania counties on the potential legalization of marijuana. LINK.  Lt. Gov. Fetterman set two special election dates for open state senate seats.  The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor has the duty to call special elections. LINK. 

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette charts new course as first lieutenant governor of the state elected on a team ticket. LINK

TENNESSEE:  Lt. Gov. Randy McNally says a balanced budget, criminal justice reform, bringing jobs to rural areas, combating opioids, and ending the statute of limitations on reporting child abuse are 2019 legislative priorities.  LINK.

VERMONT: Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman has expressed support for legislation for the legal sale of cannabis in Vermont with a sales tax, to help fund prevention and treatment, education and law enforcement, and higher education and economic development. LINK.

WEST VIRGINIA:  Lt. Gov. Mitch Carmichael says 2019 priorities include creating an intermediate court of appeals, tuition payments for students for community and technical college, and pay raises for educators and public employees.  LINK.

WISCONSIN: Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes will focus on equity, sustaintability. LINK.