Information for Constituents for COVID-19

This information is to assist constituent needs during COVID-19 management:

Daily Living:

Live Daily Items for Stay-at-Home or Tele-Educating: 

  • Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari:  On Facebook Daily at 3:00 pm ET featuring an animal
  • Kennedy Arts Center:  Lunch Doodles with Artist-in-Residence Mo Willems is web posted daily at 1:00 pm ET at  Kennedy Center Lunch Doodles

Online Items for Stay-at-Home or Tele-Educating

  • Links to 30 Virtual Field Trips from Yellowstone to Mars:  30 Virtual Field Tours .
  • Ten Iconic Museums you can Tour Online:  Online Museum Tours
  • Scholastic:  Up to 15-days of educational activities for Pre-K thru grade 6 for 3-hours a day:  Scholastic Learn At Home.
  • Learn from or teach someone in your home, if it applies.  Can everyone do laundry,cook, do deep cleaning, change car oil, change a tire, bake, balance a check book?  Not all learning comes from books.
  • Play board games or cards, journal, write stories or poems, FaceTime someone who can teach you to knit or crochet, have a Facetime book club.

Items to Help Manage Stress or Anxiety

  • The CDC says take breaks from news & media.  Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate. Eat as healthy as possible, exercise, get plenty of sleep, avoid alcohol and drugs.  Take time to unwind.  Do an activity you enjoy.  Talk with a friend about how you’re feeling.
  • Try some of the online activities above.  Read a book, draw, listen to music.  Organize or de-clutter your home.  Keep a routine or schedule.